Shapewear Review: Elomi

Elomi-at-Bare-NecessitiesThis is the best brand of Shapewear for plus sized women. They have a great range that really flatters fuller figures. The styles have extra firmness that really holds your body but of course, comfortably. If you have very well defined curves that you want to tone down, Elomi is your best bet.

Shapewear Review: Maidenform

50-Off-Maidenform-Sale-Shapewear1136930_fpx.tifIf you want sexy, Maidenform gives it to you in style. I love how their Shapewear look so much like sexy lingerie. You can strip down in front of your partner after a long day at work and you wouldn’t be embarrassed to show that you’re wearing Shapewear underneath your clothes. They have a wide range of Shapewear styles that even come with pretty designs. Maidenform also delivers on its promise to shape you up in comfort. It stays in place and you don’t have to worry one bit for anything to show if you’re hiding it.

Shapewear Review: Fit Britches

What’s great about Fit Britches Shapewear is that they are designed for everyday use and thus are really very comfortable. The  brand was launched by Farnaz Khan who was looking for a solution to losing excess pounds she had put on after giving birth. The idea behind the product was to make it fast and easy to lose weight and reduce cellulite. Here’s a nice little image explaining the benefits of their shapewear!


A few months ago, I came across them in a national newspaper and knew that I would need to try out one of their products. So I went on their website 3 weeks ago, and was decided to order a skinny top which is on sale for £49.99. A good mid-range price, not cheap by any means but definitely affordable and well-priced for what you are getting.

First impressions, wow! It looked great. The next part was tough – I struggled to put it on initially, but where there is a will there is a way! Honestly, after I managed to get it on I must admit it was very very comfortable. In fact, too comfortable if anything! I was a little surprised about how good it felt on because of past experience with other products. It’s definitely improved my shape, no doubt – though it’s a little early to say exactly how much weight I have lost (I have lost something for sure).

I’d recommend Fit Britches highly. Keep an eye out for my next review coming soon :-)

Shapewear Review: Spanx

I absolutely adore Spanx. They have so many types of Shapewear and every single piece I own fits comfortable. They are long lasting and durable too. It’s the brand of my first ever and I have to be honest, I did have quite a bit of a struggle getting them on the first time. I wanted to wear it to a friend’s wedding in the hope of looking great and well, you know how weddings are. Luckily, I was able to put it on just in time and hoped with all my might that I did not have to go to the loo the whole time I was wearing it. Thankfully, after trying hard to avoid and finally just saying what the heck, I found myself easily slipping it off and back on. Spanx are also easy to manage because they don’t require too complicated washing instructions. I also bought some Spanx for everyday use and I must say; they still look brand new after a couple hundred wears and washes.

I recommend this brand to anyone without second thoughts. If you think about it, they’re not even too expensive. Spanx is very well worth my quid if you ask.

Plus Size Shapewear Tips and Tricks

plus-size-shapewearIf you have a lot of curves and you want to hide some and flaunt some, Shapewear is a good choice of undergarment to help you achieve that look you’re aiming for. Shapewear is also great for plus sized women, not only those who are slim. It will help you get into that nice little black dress you’ve been keeping in your closet. Here’s my advice to women on the plus size side:

Find the right size

Just because you’re bigger doesn’t mean you have to desperately go for a smaller size to hide more of those problem areas. Believe me, it would not do you any good. You will just feel miserable and uncomfortable, which beats the purpose of wearing Shapewear if you ask me. The right size will flatter your body no matter what and the best thing is that you will feel great and confident with a much more shapely silhouette. If you try too hard, you won’t look good. If you pick the right size, it will do wonders to your body.

Don’t settle

You might get frustrated if you can’t find the right size especially because most shops would hold Shapewear for the less curvy ones. What you can do is to keep shopping around. Ask them to take your measurements and they might even be able to customize one for you. Your goal is to find the right Shapewear to flatter what you’ve got. Don’t ever settle for something just because you think there’s nothing else out there.

Know what part you want to control

Your target body part is one great consideration when choosing Shapewear. Because there are many different kinds, it’s best to buy one that you can use on a specific body part. If you have love handles and muffin top, you can go for an upper body Shapewear so you can leave your behind as it is and flaunt it the way you should.

The best way to look good is to feel comfortable in your own skin. Love every part of your body and be proud of what you’ve got. Shapewear is designed to help you look good but if you don’t feel good about yourself, no kind of Shapewear can do the trick. Plus sized women are often faced with the dilemma of being judged of trying too hard on being sexy. The truth is, you are sexy no matter what. You don’t have to hide anything because you’re big. Anybody with any kind of body shape has something to hide one way or another. Even skinny girls have muffin tops and cellulites. Being heavier does not mean you’d have to settle for less flattering clothes. Shapewear can help you look great in that evening gown you will wear for a gala. It can help you look sleeker in your business suit. It can give you a boost in confidence so that you can step out in style every single time you walk out your door.


Before I get into any reviews, I just want to say that these reviews are unbiased. I am not paid to write them and this blog is not sponsored as well. It’s as real as it gets here.

How Shapewear Benefits You

hmt_rickilee_prFor over a hundred years, women have been wearing Shapewear that come in different forms. Nowadays, there’s a kind of Shapewear that targets specific body parts so that women can look better and become more confident. For those who are new to the idea of Shapewear, there are actually a lot of benefits to it than meet the eye. You might be thinking that it’s just added discomfort but after you get to know Shapewear better, you’ll know that you don’t have to be uncomfortable wearing them.

Benefit 1: Instant Shape

Shapewear can help you look like you’ve suddenly lost some inches here and there. Aside from having slimmer looking body parts, it also smoothens out the areas you’re covering so you don’t have to show bra lines, panty lines and other unsightly lines. Even when you’re among the fittest, there might be certain pieces of clothing that will make you unflatteringly bigger than you actually are, hence, the need for Shapewear. The fact is, there’s even a type of Shapewear that makes the arms look more toned.

Benefit 2: Better Fit

Clothes will look better if you have smoothened out problem areas and accentuated the right parts. Whatever body type you have, Shapewear can help you look good. If you have invested on a designer dress, you should not hesitate to invest on a great piece of Shapewear that can help you look even more stunning in that dress. Sometimes, clothes simply can’t be enough to bring out the best in our assets.

Benefit 3: Better Posture

Shapewear can actually help you get a better posture because it holds your body comfortably in some normal way. As you look thinner in upper body Shapewear, it can pull your shoulders to a better position.

So you see, Shapewear does a bit more than just make you look good. It makes women feel more confident in themselves because just knowing that your clothes fit better and you are able to stand or sit in a smarter looking way goes a long way.

I simply have to say this again. Never buy Shapewear that is too small for your size. Aside from risking your health, it’s even counterproductive because it will just bring out some bulges here and there aside from the fact that it’s going to be a very uncomfortable time for you. Check out my reviews on the Shapewear I’ve come across with to see if there’s anything that interests you.

Shapewear and Health Concerns

anita-comfort-clara-comfort-corselet-3459Whether you’re donning a designer outfit or just in your everyday jeans, Shapewear can help you achieve a sleeker and sexier silhouette. And because women are becoming more and more fashion conscious nowadays, some women simply can no longer live without it. Unlike Shapewear used during the ancient times (okay, middle ages more of), the ones available now are more comfortable and body friendly. However, they are still not 100% risk free. Wearing Shapewear can still lead to some issues especially if you’re not careful in choosing the right one for your body type. Some of the health risks involved are:

Difficulty breathing

This is something that’s always been a problem since the invention of Shapewear. You most probably saw it in the movies where women faint because of what they are wearing. You’d think that it doesn’t happen anymore but they actually still do more often than you’d believe. If your Shapewear is way too tight, your lungs will not be able to expand well to give you enough oxygen inside your body. Fainting this way is great if there’s a knight in shining armor ready to catch you when you fall but if it happens so often, maybe it’s time you change the super tight cami into a more relaxed Shapewear.

Blood clots

This health risk happens especially when you’re wearing Shapewear for your legs too often. Since you’re restricting the blood flow when wearing tight clothing, especially in the parts where there are elastic bands, you risk getting blood clots. The problem is blood clots can cause stroke so this should not be taken very lightly. It’s okay to use Shapewear regularly but you have to make sure that the one you’re wearing does not cut off blood from flowing well.


Squeezing your midsection too tight can cause you to get heartburns. If you’ve ever felt like undoing your pants buttons after a big meal, it’s going to be the same feeling when you’re wearing Shapewear for your abdomen that’s way too tight. Pressing your internal organs too much will cause acids to go up your esophagus bringing about acid reflux. Again, the problem here is if you want to hide your flabby tummy, you’re probably choosing an extra-firm Shapewear control. This is okay once in a while but you’d kill yourself slowly if you do it everyday. If you want to shape your abdomen on a regular basis, go for a comfortable fit.

Because you’re looking good with Shapewear, you might forget to exercise already. This is very bad. Shapewear is designed to help us look better but it would not ever make us healthier. To avoid these health risks, always make sure you’re choosing the right size and the right type and that you don’t give up on exercise. Modern Shapewear are safe and comfortable but if you’re not going to give consideration to your body’s condition when wearing them, you’re risking it. The idea behind Shapewear is to make you look better, sexier, sleeker and modest. You can achieve those results without risking your health as long as you keep in mind the dos and don’ts of Shapewear.

How to Buy the Right Shapewear

how_to_buy_shapewear-_pick_the_right_style-_22Shapewear is not only for the glamorous celebrities. They are also for normal women who want to flaunt what they’ve got and get a little bit of help hiding some flaws. These undergarments accentuate a woman’s curves and although we are all beautiful in our own ways, they can make us even more beautiful by making us comfortable in what we are wearing and a lot more confident.

Since there are a number of Shapewear to choose from, you’d have to carefully consider the right piece for you. Here are some tips on how to buy the right Shapewear:

What is the problem?

First and foremost, you should know what problem area you want to conceal or smoothen out. There are body suits that shape up the entire body but it’s not practical to wear them everyday. After all, you would not want to spend too much time getting into a body suit before going to work, right? Anyway, there are one or two types of Shapewear for every part of your body so just identify the problem area for a start.

What is your size?

For Shapewear to work the way they should, it has to be the right size. It should never be too small to make you feel uncomfortable or too big to not work at all. If you’re shopping for Shapewear, it’s best to bring a tape measure with you so you can measure them instead of just relying on the size chart that may be different from one store to another.

how_to_buy_shapewear-_pick_the_right_style-_44What control level do you need?

Light, medium, firm and very firm are the levels of control that are available for Shapewear. Not all women want to have very tight undergarments, especially if they don’t need them anyway. Extra firm Shapewear are only great for a few hours. If you have to wear them the whole day, it’s best to go one control level lower. Light ones usually just smooth out the areas covered. There’s just the right amount of compression for medium control Shapewear and the firm types are usually used by plus sized women or those with very obvious curves.

Once you’ve answered those three questions, you’re now ready to pick one from the different brands available. I suggest you go shopping instead of buying them online because you might have to try them on to make sure they fit you just right and you’re getting the results you are aiming for.

Shapewear for Women

urlShapewear helps us flaunt what we love and hide what we’re insecure about. They are simply amazing. However, it takes some getting used to when you decide to make Shapewear part of your undergarment collection. You can’t just wear anything you want. You have to get to know your Shapewear to find the best fit and the right fit. Some Shapewear may work well for you but take note that not all will do that.

There are different kinds of Shapewear and I hope to give you an idea about those kinds and type.

First of all, let’s talk about the types of Shapewear that would be great for hiding your problem areas:

Waist and Thigh Shaper

This is the most common Shapewear you would find, most probably because most of us want to conceal those pesky muffin tops and bumpy lumpy thighs. The waist and thigh Shapewear will fit snuggly around your stomach to comfortably push it in and around your thighs to give it a better more toned shape. This will make you look slimmer and any woman should have at least one of these just in case it’s the season for feeling bloated. It is made of spandex and nylon so expect a firm grip on your body when you’re wearing it. Spanx has very good waist and thigh shaper but since this is a common type of Shapewear, you actually have tons of options out there.

Upper Body Shaper

Love handles, flabby tummy and boobs that are way too big are some of the things you’d want to hide with an upper body Shapewear. If you wear blouses for work that are form fitting, a cami will slim you down and hug you in all the right places. Don’t worry though, you have tons of options so you don’t have to go for something that will constrain your breathing and make you faint. We no longer live during those times when women make the waist too small by binding them to unhealthy levels.

Lower Abdomen Shaper

If your problem areas are your lower abdomen and your rear, which is most probably way too big to fit into some modest clothing, you can go for a lower abdomen shaper. This is almost the same as your regular panties but most are seamless and it can smoothen out those areas for a more flattering figure. If you want to wear leggings over it, you don’t have to worry about panty lines at all. You can basically wear anything over it

Body Suit

So you want to shape up your whole body and you’re probably thinking of buying different pieces for every area. Don’t worry; you can simply go for a body suit. It’s a bit more like a leotard but you get a firm hold on your body. It’s not for everyday wear though but it’s great if you have a special occasion to go to and you want to look dashingly sexy in your dress. A body suit will shape up your upper body, your waist including your lower abdomen and your behind and your inner things.

Welcome to Shapewear for Women

shapewear_banner_1_1Hello ladies! My name is Joanna. Welcome to my blog! It’s all about women’s fashion and I hope to give some good advice to women like me who take every day one at a time to enjoy and have fun with what I wear. I’m probably no expert in high fashion but let’s just say that I am the girl next door who actually has very real problems with what to wear everyday, how to accentuate my assets and hide my flaws and where to buy the best piece of clothing I’m looking for.

Happy reading and please share your thoughts as well! After all, we women should always help out each other when it comes to fashion.