Shapewear Review: Fit Britches

What’s great about Fit Britches Shapewear is that they are designed for everyday use and thus are really very comfortable. The  brand was launched by Farnaz Khan who was looking for a solution to losing excess pounds she had put on after giving birth. The idea behind the product was to make it fast and easy to lose weight and reduce cellulite. Here’s a nice little image explaining the benefits of their shapewear!


A few months ago, I came across them in a national newspaper and knew that I would need to try out one of their products. So I went on their website 3 weeks ago, and was decided to order a skinny top which is on sale for £49.99. A good mid-range price, not cheap by any means but definitely affordable and well-priced for what you are getting.

First impressions, wow! It looked great. The next part was tough – I struggled to put it on initially, but where there is a will there is a way! Honestly, after I managed to get it on I must admit it was very very comfortable. In fact, too comfortable if anything! I was a little surprised about how good it felt on because of past experience with other products. It’s definitely improved my shape, no doubt – though it’s a little early to say exactly how much weight I have lost (I have lost something for sure).

I’d recommend Fit Britches highly. Keep an eye out for my next review coming soon :-)

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