How to Buy the Right Shapewear

how_to_buy_shapewear-_pick_the_right_style-_22Shapewear is not only for the glamorous celebrities. They are also for normal women who want to flaunt what they’ve got and get a little bit of help hiding some flaws. These undergarments accentuate a woman’s curves and although we are all beautiful in our own ways, they can make us even more beautiful by making us comfortable in what we are wearing and a lot more confident.

Since there are a number of Shapewear to choose from, you’d have to carefully consider the right piece for you. Here are some tips on how to buy the right Shapewear:

What is the problem?

First and foremost, you should know what problem area you want to conceal or smoothen out. There are body suits that shape up the entire body but it’s not practical to wear them everyday. After all, you would not want to spend too much time getting into a body suit before going to work, right? Anyway, there are one or two types of Shapewear for every part of your body so just identify the problem area for a start.

What is your size?

For Shapewear to work the way they should, it has to be the right size. It should never be too small to make you feel uncomfortable or too big to not work at all. If you’re shopping for Shapewear, it’s best to bring a tape measure with you so you can measure them instead of just relying on the size chart that may be different from one store to another.

how_to_buy_shapewear-_pick_the_right_style-_44What control level do you need?

Light, medium, firm and very firm are the levels of control that are available for Shapewear. Not all women want to have very tight undergarments, especially if they don’t need them anyway. Extra firm Shapewear are only great for a few hours. If you have to wear them the whole day, it’s best to go one control level lower. Light ones usually just smooth out the areas covered. There’s just the right amount of compression for medium control Shapewear and the firm types are usually used by plus sized women or those with very obvious curves.

Once you’ve answered those three questions, you’re now ready to pick one from the different brands available. I suggest you go shopping instead of buying them online because you might have to try them on to make sure they fit you just right and you’re getting the results you are aiming for.

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