Shapewear and Health Concerns

anita-comfort-clara-comfort-corselet-3459Whether you’re donning a designer outfit or just in your everyday jeans, Shapewear can help you achieve a sleeker and sexier silhouette. And because women are becoming more and more fashion conscious nowadays, some women simply can no longer live without it. Unlike Shapewear used during the ancient times (okay, middle ages more of), the ones available now are more comfortable and body friendly. However, they are still not 100% risk free. Wearing Shapewear can still lead to some issues especially if you’re not careful in choosing the right one for your body type. Some of the health risks involved are:

Difficulty breathing

This is something that’s always been a problem since the invention of Shapewear. You most probably saw it in the movies where women faint because of what they are wearing. You’d think that it doesn’t happen anymore but they actually still do more often than you’d believe. If your Shapewear is way too tight, your lungs will not be able to expand well to give you enough oxygen inside your body. Fainting this way is great if there’s a knight in shining armor ready to catch you when you fall but if it happens so often, maybe it’s time you change the super tight cami into a more relaxed Shapewear.

Blood clots

This health risk happens especially when you’re wearing Shapewear for your legs too often. Since you’re restricting the blood flow when wearing tight clothing, especially in the parts where there are elastic bands, you risk getting blood clots. The problem is blood clots can cause stroke so this should not be taken very lightly. It’s okay to use Shapewear regularly but you have to make sure that the one you’re wearing does not cut off blood from flowing well.


Squeezing your midsection too tight can cause you to get heartburns. If you’ve ever felt like undoing your pants buttons after a big meal, it’s going to be the same feeling when you’re wearing Shapewear for your abdomen that’s way too tight. Pressing your internal organs too much will cause acids to go up your esophagus bringing about acid reflux. Again, the problem here is if you want to hide your flabby tummy, you’re probably choosing an extra-firm Shapewear control. This is okay once in a while but you’d kill yourself slowly if you do it everyday. If you want to shape your abdomen on a regular basis, go for a comfortable fit.

Because you’re looking good with Shapewear, you might forget to exercise already. This is very bad. Shapewear is designed to help us look better but it would not ever make us healthier. To avoid these health risks, always make sure you’re choosing the right size and the right type and that you don’t give up on exercise. Modern Shapewear are safe and comfortable but if you’re not going to give consideration to your body’s condition when wearing them, you’re risking it. The idea behind Shapewear is to make you look better, sexier, sleeker and modest. You can achieve those results without risking your health as long as you keep in mind the dos and don’ts of Shapewear.

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